Second user on the same computer?

Is ist possible (and allowed) to use Dorico with a second user on the same computer or do I need another license?

Technically the end user license agreement for a single-user license stipulates that the use of the software is solely for an individual, on up to three computers for non-simultaneous use. However, in practice, if you allow somebody else to use your copy of Dorico in your user account, or even if they have their own user account on your computer, when they run Steinberg Activation Manager, provided they are logged in with your credentials, they will find that they can activate the software and it will not “use up” another activation, since the activation is for the machine, not for the user account.

I don’t think we realistically expect households to purchase multiple licenses for software like Dorico Pro if only one person can be using it at a time on the same computer.


Trank you for the clarification, Daniel.