Second video window instead of main timeline window?! (a weeeeird issue)

Hi, Nuendo people,

loving my brand new Nuendo 10, yet still experiencing minor issues.

When hitting start with full-screen video, my main timeline screen gets covered with another video window. It’s laggy but playing, the main video window freezes. When hitting “stop” and leaving fullscreen video, things go back to normal.

Never experienced anything like that on any Nuendo version nor my Nvidia GTX 1050 card nor any of my previous computer components. It all started today and I’m wondering - is it all about hooking up a Behringer X-Touch controller or something else.

Anybody faced anything similar?


Nobody? Can’t believe I’m the only one, show up, my Nuenders!

I am on Windows 7, because there are some issues with Windows 10. Maybe not a Steinberg issue?

Sorry, ain’t happening here, and I got a very similar setup to your’s, except I got the 1070ti running. Maybe a driver issue on your 1050?

Yep, probably. I found a fixture to this on Win level. Emulated higher resolution of a video monitor, then switched to 125% zoom view in Windows multi-monitor setup, now having a proper 1980 anyway, no second video window issue anymore!

your not alone on this. been experiencing something similar. GTX 1060 here in windows10. Getting weird freezes when hitting fullscreen and have to toggle screens to get it running. I will investigate your fix. I was thinking maybe a driver issue with NVIDIA but I didn’t have this with N8. Windows 10 has been very annoying with update issues I must add unfortunately.

figured my issue finally, I had to do a fresh re-install of my graphic card, fixed it all up