Second Violin Spiccato (Iconica Sketch) has weird noise

When I use the spiccato sound for second violins (I’ve encountered this before) I hear a bit of noise in the background, kind of like the string is rubbing against the fingerboard. Is this just me? (Bar 18)
Mountain theme.dorico (3.4 MB)

I don’t know about the noise, but if you can indicate spiccato in the score and get dedicated spiccato samples, that’s very cool. I can’t do do that with VSL or BBCSO, and I frequently need spiccato. Staccato sounds too harsh and heavy.

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Iconica Sketch has spiccato samples.

Hi @hamsandwichnow
You can try to eq the track. I am not an expert in this area, but a little cut of hight range seems to mitigate a little the “shhh/rubbing” sound that you probably are hearing (you are of course free to try other settings, also seeing how the eq is influencing how other playing techniques sound).
You can apply the EQ of course alternatively direct in Halion Sonic for the Violas channel, under Edit-> Inserts.
Here an example of the eq applied as insert in the Dorico Mixer:

Before EQ:

After EQ



That worked!

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eh? which library? Most VSL strings libraries certainly have dedicated spiccato patches though there is the odd exception.

In the Synchron Special Editions, I do not see spiccato. That may be an option in Dimension Strings, but I don’t normally use them because the sections are so small.

Hi @konrad, if you mean SYNCHRON-ized Special edition, you need at least the Volume 1+ (one Plus), for the spiccato. I suggest to upgrade to 1+ : it is nice!

yes – the SE vol1 without the plus extension is very limited in articulations, hardly surprisingly. I was thinking of the full volumes but even the vol1 plus (which I do own) has spiccato. Certainly I agree with @Christian_R that to get any serious use out of the SE, you need the full vol. 1

I thought it must have been a partial version haha

OK, thanks. I need to get to the bottom of this. On my laptop–where I normally use Dorico–I thought I had 1, 2, 1+, and 2+ for both Special Editions and Synchron Special Editions, as well as Dimension Strings–but there could be some confusion. Maybe I only have the plus volumes in the non-Synchron libraries.

I have a lot of VSL installed on my rack mount PC. I migrated that to my Dorico laptop and then added Synchron Spec Eds on the laptop. I only see Spicc Rep in Synchron so I guess I don’t have plus.

I will contact VSL and if I don’t have the Plus Volumes, I will add them. I’ve already spent about $12 million on virtual instruments in the last 10 years, so what’s a little more? :slight_smile: