Secondary Beam setting

I am writing a 20-minute orchestral piece that features a lengthy section in compound meter. Since the section in compound meter contains many 16th note runs, I am wondering how I can adjust the secondary beam settings universally across this lengthy section in compound meter? It seems very inefficient to select every other 16th note individually to change their secondary beam settings. Ideally, I am aiming for the following layout.

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Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything you can do to obtain that result automatically as things stand, Sebastian. You can control the 2+2+3 grouping of the 7/8 bar no problem, but then telling Dorico that you want each pair of sixteenths to have a secondary beam break isn’t possible except manually. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

I agree that this is certainly something that we need to address in future.

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If you haven’t yet put the notes in, set up a single bar as you want it (manually), then Alt-click and repitch wherever you need it. It’s not ideal but it’ll be much quicker than doing every other note separately.

Hi Daniel, Thank you for your reply! Yes, that would be amazing if such a feature could be included in the future. All best wishes, Sebastian

That’s a really cool idea, thank you for sharing it! Unfortunately, my symphony is almost finished and it seems like I have to make these edits individually. Thanks again for your reply!

In that case, at least note that you can Cmd/ctrl-click a whole bunch of notes and then split the secondary beam once. You can also add multiple marquee selections together, with the use of a modifier key (I can’t remember which one), which might be useful if this beaming needs to occur simultaneously in multiple staves. The undo function is very granular, too, so if you happen to mis-click a single note/bar/whatever then don’t start again!