Secondary beams in 3/8

There are plenty of passages where it’s handy to have secondary beams broken at the beat, but there are at least as many where it isn’t, like with 16ths in 3/8, especially if it’s in 1. I’m working on a movement like this and I even tried changing the time signature to 1.5/4 (which is actually what it is) but Dorico wouldn’t accept it. I know I can select the passages and use a macro to beam everything together, but not only does this take a lot of extra time but it creates problems with notes tied over a barline, meaning that I have to break the tie, beam the notes together in each bar separately, and then re-tie the notes over the barline. Or am I missing something?

Try [3]/8 as a time signature.

This is a “minimalist example” of things like [2+3]/8 and [3+2]/8 both displaying as 5/8, but with different beat groups for beaming.

Ah, I knew there must be a way to do this. Thanks!