Secondary bracket as a brace - How to do it?

I am studying the Dorico documentation, but I am having trouble with the “secondary brackets can also appear as a brace instead of a sub-bracket.”
How can I have braces instead of sub-brackets? Sorry, I cannot find a way to do it.

As you can see from the URL, you’re looking at the Version 1 documentation. Google seems to offer that version first, for some reason.

If you go to the Help pages directly from the Help menu in the app, you’ll go to the latest version.

Layout Options > Brackets & Braces has an option for how to display secondary brackets.

Here are the steps outlined in the most recent manual :slight_smile:

Yes annoying that Google serves up the old stuff first.

From my web days I seem to recall there’s a way to tag pages as obsolete or lower priority. Or, maybe you can do some settings in your Google analytics console for the pages. There are hacks too, such as making them search engine unfriendly (e.g. if you disable mobile rendering Google will ban them, but they’ll still be up for historical reasons or whatever).

Thank you, I didn’t notice the discrepancy, I downloaded the manual, just to be sage, I meant “safe”.

I expect the version 1 manual became the “most popular” on Google when it was the only one, and since that leads people to choose it (as the highest ranked) the ranking just snowballs even though other versions are now more current.

If, as RedtideMusic suggests, someone (like Steinberg) can mark the file as obsolete, that would solve a lot of problems.

The v1 manual isn’t obsolete for users who are still using Dorico 1, i.e. haven’t updated to 2 or beyond. The manuals team is working on a way of giving a visual message when you land on a previous version, letting you know a more recent manual is available.