Secondary instrument not appearing

I am trying to have bari sax double on bass clarinet. I have added the intrument to the player and allowed instrument changes (see screenshots). As I understand it, another stave for bass clarinet is supposed to appear on the score and it will automatically be incorporated into the bari sax part once I write on it. But, no new stave is appearing.

Try going into Galley View and inputting a few notes into the Bass Clarinet part - in a bar in the Bari. Sax. part which already has notes in it. See if that makes it show up in Page View.

That did the trick, thanks. Did not realize I was in Page View because the toggle looks different than anything I found in the manual.

Here’s the page about switching view type in the Dorico Pro 4 manual. (Although the image of the view type selector looks oddly small, I will investigate.)