Secondary tool on the right mouse button: Draw on Left Click, Erase on Right

I would like to use only my left and right mouse buttons to draw and erase notes, or to do other tasks without switching my tool (which is slower and less ergonomic). I got used to drawing notes with the left mouse button and erasing them with the right mouse button in another DAW. This is not possible in Cubase, and instead there is the right-click Toolbox which simply is a lot slower than already having the secondary tool ready to use.

The implementation I suggest is as follows: from the toolbar you can select a secondary tool, with a right click or control+click. Now you are “dual wielding” the two tools you want to use and you can just have one hand on the mouse, saving keystrokes or clicks. It is also ideal for touch screen/tablet use (I’ve ran into this using Cubase on my Wacom Cintiq).

Example: Draw is the primary tool (left click), Erase has a line under it because it is the secondary tool (right click).

Don’t even THINK about losing the toolbox…

Rest assured that I’m not suggesting to replace anything.

This is a cool idea.
What about using a mouse with extra buttons for the time being? It’s insanely useful for this kind of things, for example I bound mute/unmute to the 4th button.

From my point of view, Toolbox looks like a mess. Many of tools could be combined.

They could just extend modifier keys dialog to let any operation be on any mousebutton, wheel, right button or those having more buttons - in combination with Ctrl, Shift, Alt - and if relevant for operation also in mixer view.

That too would be perfect.

I have only just upgraded from Cubase 8 Elements to Artist 9. I can not figure out how to set the same mouse functions as in Cubase 8 and the previous versions. For example, Functions, Move…, Gain, Fade in and Out etc etc. I now only get as the OP has shown.

If anyone has any ideas how to get those other options to the right click on the mouse, I would appreciate knowing.

Uncheck Preferences > Tools > Pop-up Toolbox on Right Click

You can also just hold alt and right click when you need these extra functions.

Thank you. That did it. I played around in Preferences but it must have been the one button I didnt press. Pretty simple in the end - just the way i like it. Now on to the next issues that I have to sort out.