Secondary toolbar

Hi guys, I cannot for the life of me find the secondary toolbar. Specifically I’m looking for view options. The manual says this:

The secondary toolbar contains options that allow you to perform common operations when inputting and editing music, such as moving the caret, copying and pasting notes/items, and accessing the context menu. It is located at the top of the project window, below the toolbar.

I can’t see any of the buttons that are shown in the manual at the top of the project window…

Please confirm that you’re using Dorico on an iPad…

nope. macbook pro.

In that case, stop reading the manual for the iPad version. You probably want Dorico Pro 4 Documentation

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I’m reading the regular manual. If it were the iPad manual, then according to your logic, it wouldn’t tell me that that toolbar is there, would it?

I think you’re misunderstanding me. The secondary toolbar only exists in Dorico for iPad. I think it’s highly unlikely that you’re reading a manual for Dorico (not iPad) that includes the phrase secondary toolbar anywhere.

Ah ok, yes I had that backwards.

So are there view options on the regular version? I’m trying to turn off the signposts by default.

I don’t believe you can do that by default. It’s useful to set a key command for toggling them all on and off simultaneously though, which can be done from Preferences > Key Commands.

Thanks, I appreciate your help!