Secret Source (TripHop)

This is what happens when daddy does some tunes with his daughter:

Youtube: Secret Source - Alien Melancholy - YouTube

Soundcloud: Stream secret source | Listen to Alien Melancholy playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Bandcamp: Ape Shift | Secret Source

Started in Cubase 7, finished in Cubase 8. Lots of fun for me :wink:

good track .

Thanks! There are three more on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, if you enjoyed the video track you could also like the other stuff.

Yes, I enjoyed that track. That’s your daughter singing? She projects a pretty cool attitude.

Been looking around for a female singer - just to find it ‘homegrown’ finally :laughing:

enjoyed the video and the mix, Guitar sounds were really cool. Would have liked the Vocal up front a bit but that is all preference…great track!!!

Thanks kzarider, nice you’ve enjoyed it!

The guitars are very simple actually: a cheap Mexico Fender DI’d into the Fireface > getting it seriously out of tune with Melodyne Editor :laughing: All the ‘synth’ sounds on the track derive from that guitar as well.

blinking wicked track, love it, proper dreamy. takes you away,especially second time around.
second listen really made me appreciate the work that has gone into this. sounds well balanced.

Thanks for the kind words - and good to know someone hears the detailed stuff in this basically simple piece of music!