Section and Solo players in orchestra scores.

The only corner I can see in this is when you want to show a divisi violin section on two staves in the parts, but one stave (with two voices) in the score.

We’ve talked about condensing for divisi as well, of course, but we don’t expect to tackle this in the first instance. There’s enough complication in the cases we are planning to tackle.

Thanks Daniel for all your work. It’s amazing what you and your team are accomplishing, given the complexity of each and every task at hand.

Understood, Daniel. Thanks.

Thanks! Now I’ve got Oboes doubling the Violins. I can’t get the Contrabasses an octave down from the Celli, though.

You might be able to do that by assigning an expression map that transposes the MIDI output by an octave, possibly?

The expression map is associated with a MIDI channel, so if you are playing several patches in Aria from the same MIDI channel, you can’t transpose the basses but not the cellos and bassoons from a single Dorico stave labelled “Bassi”.

Unlike HALion, Aria player doesn’t have a “transpose” control for each playback patch in its user interface. The way to do it in Aria player would be define a new playback patch. The file format is .sfz which is just a text file - the only issue is that there isn’t any documentation (that I know of) for Garritan’s extensions to the .sfz format.

HALion already has patches for “DB + Cello octave” and “DB + Cello unison” in the Strings / Section category.

I quite like the idea, in choral writing, of being able to right click a part and select “solo” just like you would “Divisi” and then use the “restore tutti” command and have the sections be marked with labels (and perhaps change the samples in the mixer as well).

I don’t have the option to wait for the condensing feature. For now I have to do my orchestra scores with F Horn 1&2 as one player and F Horn 3 & 4 as another player. How can I get this to display as such? In other words, how can I stop Dorico from being “helpful” by forcing me to call the first staff “French Horn in F 1” and the second staff “French Horn in F 2”? I can’t find any way to turn this numbering off, and to allow me to name the players in the score.

Manually “Edit names” in Setup mode. Edit the instrument, not the player!

Once you change the name, it will break the automatic numbering.


Thanks. For others referencing this, There is an option in Layout Options → Staves & Systems → Staff Labels → Position of instrument pitch in full staff labels that can be “start” or “end”. For this case two players on a part, I think it works better to set that to “start.”