Section Condensing / Switching Player types

I’m right in thinking that Section Players don’t Condense?

So if I have a piece with Violins 1 & 2 (which I have been thinking of as Sections), and there are tutti strings passages, then I either have to change them to Solo players, or use the old Tutti strings Player ‘workaround’…?

Would it be possible to have a way of converting Solo to Section and vice versa? (Obvs flagging an error if there’s divisi or something that can’t be switched). Invariably I discover I have the wrong sort of Player half-way through a piece.

You can’t change the type of an existing player, but it’s reasonably quick to add a new player of the appropriate kind and drag the instruments from the old to the new before removing the old.

Condensing does not currently handle section players, but this is planned for a future version.