Section players and instrument changes

I notice there is no way to add players to an existing section player. I understand why this is. But it occurs to me that maybe one ought to be able to change instruments in a section player like one can do in a solo player. Examples are Violin section playing con sord. or senza sord. or col legno. These are effectively instrument changes as one can’t be playing one way and another at the same time.

I also understand that the playing technique allows one to specify this. But it is also just as easy to do an instrument change and the score looks pretty much the same except for the actual label that is placed where the instrument change goes vs. the playing technique text.

I mainly ask because this occurred to me when setting up playback. It is currently easier to instantiate two players at the same position and then invoke an instrument change rather than build a new instrument that has all those techniques programmed in. And the likely non functional use of exclusion properties in the expression maps. Maybe this works, I haven’t tried it yet. And of course these reasons won’t always be true.

I suppose this can all be accomplished using solo players in Dorico setup and then instantiate section instruments in the playback VST.

So maybe this is just me thinking out loud. Food for thought, opinions welcome.

Dear dbudde,
Maybe it could be an option to be able to warn the instrument player that the playing technique is going to change, rather than using an instrument change for a technique change ?
I am quite confident that the playback of those techniques is going to be accurate in the next months :wink:

I think that things like col legno and con sord. are more sensibly handled using playing technique changes; the intention behind a section player, not yet fully realised in the software of course, is that divisi and bringing a soloist out of a section are both handled properly from a notational point of view and from a playback point of view. There is no intrinsic limitation on different playing techniques used by a section player being routed to completely independent channels or even devices, and these sorts of things will all become possible as the application continues to mature.