Section Titles

Most of my orchestral pieces are tone poems that have a story. I would like to add section titles in addition to the rehearsal marks.

  1. Is the best way to do this just to add text and move it around in Engrave?
  2. I know those signposts with the key signature don’t print, but how do I hide them while I am working?


(There is a similar topic from four years ago, but the Forum warned me about reopening it. The solution in that thread was to use rehearsal marks for the section titles, but I need the rehearsal marks.)

You can hide signposts via View > Signposts > Hide Signposts.

System-attached text created via Shift+Alt+X is probably the best way to add section titles.

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(By the way, I am a bit OCD and it bugs me when I fix something in Engrave but it still looks messed up in Write. :slight_smile: I am learning to accept it.)

Have you tried custom flow headings?
I use those for studies collections.

I have not yet. So far, I have been writing everything as a single flow with some double-bar sections. I will look into it. Thanks.

It might only look messed up in Galley View.

@konradh Only in Page view you have the correct calculated Distances, Avoid Collisions and manual editing results of Engrave mode.

In Galley view you have a static distance between staves (and no Collision avoidance). But you can set the ideal staff gaps for galley view to work more comfortably: Layout Options/Vertical Spacing/Ideal Gaps

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I will check it out. Thank you.

I’d agree that using Flows is probably the best way – this is exactly what they’re for: distinct chunks of music with a title on each one.