Sections of spoken lyrics, no notes, no rhythm

I have not tried with non-breaking spaces, tbh. But wouldn’t you not need them anyhow, as you can put any lyric at any position anyhow?
Just remember to commit every lyric with enter instead of space, in this way the popover doesn’t advance automatically.

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I see. You just do one syllable at a time. I understand now. I will try that and see if it those lyrics hold their position as the layout changes. Thank you.

I don’t see why one would have to divide syllables for spoken text if one is hiding the notes later: one note per word should work to keep the appropriate lyrics within the measure.


I think you are correct. You don’t ac-tu-al-ly want the spo-ken text hy-phe-na-ted like ly-rics. So yes, a word at a time.