SectraLayers10.0.10 Mostly Fantastic, but now leaves artifacts in my audio

I had the most remarkable experience where I was able to extract three voices who were talking on top of each and generate a noise file using the unmix multiple voices and unmix noisey voice from a very difficult audio. It was mind blowing! I was a to then delete the womans voice as her speech wasn’t pertinent to conversation, reduce the voice of the second speaker, as his voice was naturally booming. And finally reduce the volume of the noise level to produce a section of audio that was more than I could have hoped for! So thank you for that @Robin_Lobel

However after downloading 10.0.10, I am getting artifacts that sound like electrical discharges when using the unmix modules. The electrical discharge sounds leave vertical time lines around 0.0030 seconds apart. They are mostly on the right side of this photo. Hopefully you will be able to see them in this photo.

Please let me kno if I am doing something wrong.

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Can you send me an audio sample (before applying the process - you can send it to contact [at] divideframe [dot] com), which process you used (with what settings), and at what timing of that audio sample you see those artefacts ?

On working on it!

It has been sent.

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I’ve experience this before. Not in SpectraLayers but others tools that use the same technology SpectraLayers is using. Did you switch to Nvidia GPU processing or is this on the CPU?

Thanks, I got the file and I could repro with your instructions.

@jsduncan I was able to identify and fix the issue, it’ll be in patch 2.


Hey @Robin_Lobel , speaking of which, any idea on when patch 2 will be out? As a Mac user I’m really looking forward to GPU acceleration on Apple Silicon…

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There will be a patch 2 in the coming weeks, but unfortunately it’ll be too soon for GPU acceleration on mac. I’m waiting for some library upgrade that’s more likely to come in a month or two for that.


I appreciate the transparency and info. Thanks Robin!

Thank you Robin! I’m glad it didn’t take too long to find and fix.

@Sam_Hocking Yes, I switched to GPU.

I’ve been getting a ‘clicking’ artifact when using the Noisy Speech separation process. It sounds like tiny repeating clicks. Is this the same issue being discussed here? @Robin_Lobel

I’ve had the problem with the initial version as well. I just updated to the latest version. It pops up every now on then on larger chunks of dialogues.

@Splaaat Yes same issue. @Robin_Lobel said they found and fixed it. He said it will be included in the next update.

Yep I confirm the issue is fixed. Patch 2 should theoretically be available in a couple weeks (and soon in beta).

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Ok great! How does one join the beta?

Currently in the middle of a film edit and SL10 has done a spectacular job. I’m just left a couple of crucial dialogues left with clicks unfortunately. :sweat_smile:

I’ll post a link to the beta installer here later today.


SL 10.0.20 beta, if you need the fix early:
windows installer
mac installer


Thanks @Robin_Lobel
Appreciate the quick fix! Will test out the beta.