Security Hinders the Righteous

I have a new Windows 10 laptop and tried to install Cubase 5 on it but it says it cannot find my dongle (e-licencer) which is clearly plugged in to the machine and lit up and makes a stupid noise to say it is plugged in. When I open the syncrosoft program, it says no e-licencer found. The dongle works perfectly well on my dual boot XP/Win 7 desktop and my Win 7 laptop. Is this a Windows 10 doesn’t work thing before I waste another 3 months trying to get it going?



PS, How do I change my password for the forum?

Maybe. Have you tried the the latest eLicenser control center software? Itˋs probably rather „not reading the system requirements hinders the righteous“.
Otherwise since you obviously can read, you will find at least Cubase 5 is not supported on Windows 10 (though it generally does work)

In the user control panel.

I can’t see where to change my password in the user control panel. I did look, (quite extensively) I can read and to be quite frank, I am fed up with computer incompatibility. The brand new strings fit my 25 year old Strat perfectly and the brand new electricity works my 50 year old valve amp just fine!

So will Cubase 5 work with Windows 10 or not? If so, how do I get the dongle to be recognized. I am not a luddite, I am far from stupid, but I am afraid this is too hard a job to be fun and I am only asking for a bit of assistance. Thanks.

As i have asked before (but it seems, the righteous didn´t want to answer): have you tried the latest eLicenser control center software, after you installed the version that comes with cubase 5?
There are dedicated versions for Win 10, whereas the one that comes with cubase 5 certainly is not for Win 10, but rather win XP.
Cubase 5 itself should work on Win 10, nevertheless, it is not supported, and therefore not tested by Steinberg and therefore you one can / will give you a guarantee, there will not be any imcompatibilities.

Sorted. Thank you.
Maybe here is not the place, but I simply make the point that the world is full of cracked copies of Cubase for $20 while those who paid $500 for the real thing have a fight on their hands every time they buy a new computer. Hence, security hinders the righteous but does little to stop the criminal.
Once again, thank you. I downloaded the e-licencer software and it seems to be working.