See Arpeggiated Notes In Cubase 7 From Roland Jupiter 80


I Was wondering if somebody can explain this to me?

I am thinking about buying a Roland Jupiter 80. I really like some of the Arpeggios in some of the patches the Jupiter 80 has. Today I went by the local music store and plugged the Jupiter 80 to my Macbook Pro (via USB). Cubase 7 saw the Jupiter 80 no problem. I went ahead and recorded about 8 bars (of me playing a 3 note C Minor Chord, holding down the chord for the whole 8 bars). The patch I was using in the Jupiter 80 had a nice Arpeggio and I was hoping Cubase 7 would record the notes the Arpeggiator was playing (not the notes I played). After I record the 8 bars, I turned off the Arpeggiator on the Jupiter 80 and hit the play button in Cubase 7 to have it play back the notes to the Jupiter 80. Well, it played the notes back ok (triggering the sound module in the Jupiter 80), but what is weird is when I look at the notes in the Piano Roll Note Editor in Cubase 7 I just see 3 long notes (8 bars) of the C Minor Chord I played. Why can’t I see on the individual notes the Arpeggiator output to Cubase 7?

Hi … This will be down to the Jupiter … it is only recording the MIDI events raised by the Jupiter … ie the note on and note off messages (in short … exactly what you played).

However, if you were to record this performance and then play that performance back to the Jupiter using the same patch, the arpegiator should kick in and arpegiate that chord that you are holding down (ie as if you were holding down those keys). This is good news if you want to use that patch, but if you want to use the appegiation on a different patch, this won’t work as it is only recording the ‘source’ keys.

Hope that helps.

Actually … I should clarify … maybe there is a setting on the Jupiter to actually send the output of the arpegiator via MIDI … I’d expect not … but worth checking.

What is strange is when I played back the notes, It played with arpeggiated notes just fine (and the Arpeggiator was OFF on the Roland Jupiter 80 when I played back the Cubase 7 sequence).

Very very strange.

Ok that’s wierd … I’d be doing a sanity check … just to make sure that that was the case.

There were 2 salespeople verifying how we did things and yet the Arpeggiator was definitely off when we played it back.