See chord track throughout variaudio timeline?

Hi, I’m not a Cubase user as yet and I have a question about using variAudio in connection with a Chord Track. I know that Cubase can color the pitches in variAudio depending on whether or not they’re chord tones and so on, but I’m wondering if it can display the chord tones in the track as a kind of persistent overlay. (The Hookpad web app has such a feature, and in the interest of clarity I would post a link to it, but when I did that a couple of weeks ago Steinberg permanently banned me from the forum with no warning.) In other words, I’d like to be able to see the chord tones throughout the passage, which I can use as a guide while rewriting the vocal melody.

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Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately this is not possible.

I have been hoping for this feature for years, it would be soooooo helpful. There was another thread that had some mochup examples. Please Steinberg add this wonderful features so you could see the variaudio notes next to the chord track!

Sometimes I wonder how people work. Could you explain your approach to composing a melody?

Thx, Ernst

PS.: I would not mind if they included the feature - I just dont get why it should be useful.

When I go through I already know what the root, third, fifth, flat 7, etc sounds like in a chord. Seeing the note in relation to the chord and when doing multiple layers seeing all the notes against the chord and 3 thirds would be a quick eye grab in addition to ear grab. Similar to all the visual benefits you get with meters, waveforms, and notes. It also helps to see where I am coming from and going with the notes if it is blue seeing what passing tone it is. I’d imagine Steinberg sees the benefit of it too since they made the awesome choice to color the notes in the first place. I am hoping it is just a matter of time before they add that.

They have added ARA, being able to select and drag automation, now if they could add this (Chord Track to ARA) and loading the entire session into RAM that would just about seal the deal for me with Steinberg. I love what they do and love the many improvements they have made over the years. They have come such a long way!

thx for explainimg!

We are so close with Global Tracks in separate MIDI tracks if we can just now get this in VariAudio in separate windows as well as the docked window at the bottom we would be in business. I upgraded finally hoping that this feature was included in VariAudio for Cubase 11 but sadly only MIDI tracks. Other cool features but nothing I really need.