See current quantize setting on selected event

Hello everyone,

I’m new to cubase and there’s one thing, that neither the help file nor the internet could help me with:

I’m working with instrument/MIDI tracks. While trying out things, I like to experiment with different kinds of quantizing e.g. hihats on 16th 10% swing; bass on 16th 53% swing etc… I keep changing different events with different quantize settings until I’m happy.

Is there any way to click on an event, and see at a glance what the current quantize setting is? By clicking on an event i can see some information on the top like beginning, end, transpose, etc… but no indication of how this event is currently quantized.

In Logic, by clicking on an event (or rather region, as they call it) i can see immediately in the info pane what the current quantize setting for this event (and only for this event) is. So I click on a 4 bar hi hat part and know right away: 16th with 35% swing, let’s say.

I’m searching for a similar thing in cubase.

Any help or workaround is greatly appreciated! Thanks!