See exact tempos in ritardando

Hi all, Is there a way to see the exact tempos of each beat during a ritardando? I’m basically trying to create a visual click track for a piece for chamber ensemble and fixed media, and I need to get all the tempos or the rate of change dorico takes for the ritardando in order for everything to work

The easiest way to see the exact tempos during a ritardando is to export a tempo track and then import that tempo track. Here is an example containing a ritardando in which the final tempo is 75% of the starting tempo:

After exporting a tempo track and importing that tempo track, the example looks like this:

In practice, the tempo change signposts during the ritardando may overlap so much that some of them are off the page. In engrave mode, you can use the left or right arrow keys to move between these signposts and use the properties panel to see each tempo displayed to four decimal places.

If you prefer, you can determine the exact tempos during a ritardando mathematically. Let x be the tempo at the start of the ritardando and y be the tempo at the end. If the duration of the ritardando is equal to n sixteenth notes, then at each sixteenth after the start of the ritardando, the tempo decreases by (x - y) / n.