See & hear my audio from a different computer

Hi, I’m using cubase pro 11 and my partner is using it as well. Is there a way that I can have my partner log into my software and be able to hear and see my audio on his computer? (For example zoom only allows to see but unable to hear audio)

You might want to check out VST connect se. It’s built into Cubase.

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I had just emailed Cubase and they said Cubase does not offer such an option. I was told to ask on the forums if anyone has an idea

They must not have really understood what you want to do.

VST Connect does precisely what you are asking for, plus other stuff.

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Oh wow i’ll check it out. Thanks so much! BTW here the answer Cubase sent me.
(We don’t currently support any screen sharing software that allows the user in a remote location to see and hear your audio. We suggest to search and or post into our online forums to see what other uses suggest for this purpose. There should certainly be a wealth of information related to this since the pandemic began about 2 years ago.)

VST Connect is a potentially different use case than fully controlling a remote computer.

I’m not looking to control the other computer. I just want to be able see and hear the audio from the DAW

In that case, VST Connect should do the trick for you.

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Can both computers use VST connect SE or one computer has to use VST connect performer?

If you both have Cubase, do VST Connect.

For future reference though, and collaborating with people that don’t also have Cubase through stuff like Skype/Zoom/Etc… (or for streaming live on youtube and such).

ASIO Link Pro is a free and quite solid option that would allow you to route the output of Cubase to ‘non ASIO’ apps (Can see WDM drivers, but not ASIO).

It also has built-in support for streaming over a LAN (not sure how well it’d work over the internet though).

You’ll want to set it up in multi-client mode and enable the ASIO loopback rails.

I.E. Bring your mic into the Cubase mixing desk. Tap F4 in Cubase and build a special set of Outputs (Maybe call it “To Skype” or whaterver) going to some ASIO Link outputs off out of the way.

Route things you intend to ‘broadcast’ through that ‘To Skype’ bus…a mic, along with mixes of whatever else you want out of Cubase.

Back in ASIO Link Pro, route that “To Skype” pair to one of the WDM devices in ASIO Link that can then be connected to apps like Skype or Zoom.

VB-Audio also has a few apps that allow you some flexibility in getting WDM and ASIO apps working together.