See Me Coming (C6-13)

Hi all. Getting there… Changed quite a bit - new EG sound, BVs tweaked, numerous eq/comp tweaks, but the main change is that I found a groove I liked from Groove Monkee Free MIDI GM and applied that to the BD/SN/HH, which seems to have freed it up a bit.

Hope you don’t mind having a wee listen/compare and give me some feedback, you’re very patient and must be getting sick of hearing this one, it’s been going so long, so many thanks if you can spare the time and aren’t roasting/drowning in this most inclement weather we’re suffering…

C (latest) (original from ages ago)

Hey Crotchery,

I listened to all versions and I think this mix is beginning to haunt you. The differences are not really apparent on a casual listen. In other words, the song has the same impact in each version.

The strongest part of te song are your vocals and they are spot on.
If I were you I would mix it down and take everything you want to to in this mix and use it in your next song/project otherwise you are going to be stuck with it.

I know it’s hard to abandon a piece were you put a lot of effort in, I know, for years I tried to redo my mixes over and over again but once I learned to just finnish things I noticed that I learned a lot faster and more.

In other words, it’s a great song, now move on. We want to hear new songs!! :smiley:

Greetz Dylan.

Hey, Dylan. Yeah, I know what you mean, I had a listen to them too after a few days. I would be happier about leaving it if I could just get that pacey quality to it that I hear on a lot of other people’s stuff - but they’re probably using a real midi kit and know how to engineer better than me.

You’re right, though, I shall leave it alone (or at least not post it back here if I cave in to temptation) and get on with some new stuff - once I’ve written it.

Cheers bud,

I’ll agree with Dylan that the differences in the last two don’t change it for me. Still sounds good. The guitar string squeaks stand out a bit for me.

I forgot how much I like this song. My vote goes for (C6-12).

I agree the string squeaks are a bit distracting. Have you tried just cutting around them and lowering the event volume at those spots?

Still really diggin’ that bassline and the keys playing!


Ooh, I like you guys :smiley:

I might even re-record the acoustic. I did it with fingers and I’ve since remembered how to use a plectrum. Glad you like the keys - let them stand as my testament to the late great Jon, who was the guy who influenced me most in my early playing days.

And I think I need to find a real drummer with one of those new-fangled midi kits. The current drums just sit too upright, if you know what I mean. Try as I might I can’t get them to sound so I see some sweaty bar steward pounding it out.


PS: Seeing as you like it so much, you might like to have a bash at solving it. It’s a riddle. Someone got it last week on first listen, so no pressure… :wink:

I am everything you don’t want to hear
I am your nightmare and your prejudice made clear
I exist in every sigh
In a prison left to die

Just a comment, the acoustic guitar sounds fine; you might just try the Cubase de-esser, I’ve found it can reduce the squeak pretty well (and you don’t want to eliminate it completely because it’s what a guitar does).

Thanks for the tip, which I just remembered I can’t try out because Dylan made me promise to leave this alone and do something else!

Listened on 5" Haflers: very good mix. I kind of lose the snare from time to time for the organ (could be dialed back) but overall the mix sounds good to me and the acoustic guitar is a great blend. I’m listening to C6-12.

Sorry, Dylan…

Yeah, I’ve been listening to 12 too - 13 sounds thinner. Organ is harsh, it is stubbornly refusing to sit in the mix so I may need another preset to start with - or stick a basic sound through the Amp Rack (seeing as I am trying to sound like Jon Lord :confused: )

I’ve just tried Early21’s tip with the DeEsser and whadya know…it works! Had to go extreme on the settings, i.e. threshold -50db, reduction 10db, release 1ms, but at least on cans at this time of night it sounds loads better.

Tomorrow I shall charge forth with renewed optimism… :smiley:

Thanks guys,

:slight_smile: leaving the piece was absolutely not an order.
I even think it’s good to use a mix as an educational journey.
Don’t overdo it, that’s all, and use all the knowledge (such as using a deesser to remove guitarsqueeks) for future songs…

Phew! Glad that’s cleared up. :wink: :smiley: But your advice was, as always, to the point. Cheers, C

Nice song C, sounds great.
Would like to hear the new version :slight_smile:

Can’t really solve the riddle I’m afraid, hope it won’t haunt me forever :sunglasses:

…and ever and ever and ever… :smiling_imp: