See subtitle in Elements 4?

Trying to determine if I can display a score’s subtitle in Dorico Elements 4 is a low-level nightmare! I wade through help files and videos that mention features that turn out only to be available in Pro. I’ve filled it out in Project Info… I even found the “Flow Header” editing area… I’ve determined that the “Pages Panel” is not available in Elements… and now… what?

So: can I even display a subtitle in Dorico Elements?

Optional Rant:

I’m a reasonably smart person. I’ve used computers my whole life. I’m the person that friends and family call if they need something fixed, and a large part of my job is fixing tech problems on the fly for my many programming and design students. And I cannot for the life of my figure out how to achieve this deceptively simple goal. This feels… needlessly complex?

The information you enter in Project Info only appears on pages if the corresponding token exists. For example, the project title, composer, and lyricist all appear on the first page of music because those tokens exist on the First page template.

In Dorico Elements, you don’t have the ability to edit or create page templates, or adjust frames. You could add the token by editing pages in your layout directly; that is, double-clicking the title on the first page, adding a line break, and adding the subtitle token on the new line (which for complete information, creates a local page override; this is mostly relevant in explaining why e.g. the last page hasn’t been deleted even though it’s no longer needed, or why changes someone has made to a page template aren’t being reflected in the score).

Here’s a page from our First Steps guide that’s hopefully helpful in explaining how this works:

There’s also this page in the Pro manual, describing how to add a dedication to the First page template (but all the same principles stand for adding a subtitle)

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Thank you! I still had to “triangulate” the answer by picking up bits of information from the two help files and then manually searching for “tokens” to get the full list of tokens (I was trying {@subtitle@} and not {@projectsubtitle@}). All’s well now.