See waveform while time stretching

Can I see the waveform while doing this??
Also, apart from this, while using the midi editor, can I time stretch only a set of notes rather than the entire midi pattern?


Unfortunately this is not possible.

That’s unfortunate. That simple feature would really help with cutting to transients.

MIDI is not time based. It’s musical information.
To make a sound longer, you need to make the note longer.

Uhm, what?

Yes, if you have a given tempo, the notes represent a fraction of the tempo. If you change the tempo, the absolute length of the notes in ms change too. But it is still the same MIDI data.

I meant to ask, suppose if we have a midi pattern of 16 notes. If I want to change the timing of only 8 of those notes, to span across a longer length, there is no way to do it. We can only affect all those notes at once, by dragging the entire midi pattern using the time stretch cursor.

I understand what you’re getting at. But since music cannot exist in the absence of time, I find it a strange way of putting it. Even if the tempo is not defined, it is still a factor.

But back to the question at hand, Cubase does not feature the Time Stretch tool in any of the MIDI Editors and I find that a bit odd and a shortcoming. Especially considering you can use it on a MIDI Part in the Project Window.
I think there is a feature request for this buried in this forum somewhere.

Yes, it is. But undefined tempo, leads to 120 bpm on nearly all DAWs.

There is nothing to stretch. The notes are placed in time according to the playback settings. That’s why I wrote before, it isn’t time based.
If you make a MIDI event longer or shorter, you change the note length. It all happens in a musical context.

What do you mean with that?

You can use the “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” tool on a MIDI Part in the Project Window.
The MIDI Events will move and resize as a result. To me it would be logical if you could do the same on a selection of events from within the MIDI Key Editor.

Means this