See which instruments belong to a template?

When opening Dorico and using the “Create New” page, I always find myself guessing at which orchestra template I want because I can’t see which instruments are in which template and “Film Orchestra” is never enough for me to remember if it has what I want.

I understand the reasons for not adding an instrument chooser on this page, but it would be nice if I could “expand” the template in this view and simply see a list of the instruments included in the template.

This would save me a lot of time because I wouldn’t have to guess and then edit things on the setup page.

I also understand that I can start with a blank template and choose sections in the setup page, but then I also have to add the key, meter, number of bars, etc. using different pop-overs instead of the handy project options on the create new screen.

Is there any chance of getting a read-only instrument list per template added to the create new page?


Create your own Project Templates (and name them to suit your own needs)

We have talked about showing which instruments are included in the larger templates in the Hub window, but haven’t yet found the time to work on this. It’s something we may add in a future version.


Thanks Daniel!

This would very much be a welcomed feature.