seeing a specific frequency in my audio file image?


I’m trying to set up my audio file so that I can just identify on specific frequency of a vocal, so that it’s easier to skip to that spot and fix. Is there a way to do this, or is the audio image only going to be a composite of all the frequencies?


Use VariAudio if you got Cubase Pro.

If you’re working on a stereo file with vocal and backing on it, you can’t display just where the vocal come in and out.


VariAudio actually wont work. It’s a mixed file. I’m trying to identify on certain vocal frequency. Right now it just looks like a large mixed audio wave. Every once in a while the vocal comes in and I just want to be able to capture that frequency-similar to the way you can capture hiss with Waves Z-Noise, but have it learn the frequency of that voice and then just show that in the audio file


You could try the DeEsser if you know what frequency you want to tame.

This one for hearing

And this one for seeing:

You can combine both and really get in there with this one:

The last one makes me see all kinds of things like waterfall plots …

If the vocals are mainly or majority mono have you attempted to use Mid/side techniques to somewhat isolate the vocals?

There are dozens of free “remove vocals from song” tools available that semi-work depending on how mono-centric the vocals were recorded. It would seem to me there must also be a free tool that does the opposite…leaving the vocals.

Once the vocals are isolated, there are many tools to analyze the low/high/average frequency.

Sounds like you want a spectrum analyser.

Something like this:

So you can see where the problems arise over the full frequency range and are thus able to modify.

I use Fabfilter’s ProQ2 for this purpose. Although this is a lot more expensive.