Seeing the marker track when in piano roll??

Hi Guys,

when I go into the piano roll view I can see the timeline at the top but no markers which makes it (sometimes) difficult to know exactly where I am on the track. is it possible to see the marker track somehow?

kind regards

Not within the key editor (piano roll) window, unfortunately.

A couple possible workarounds:

  1. Move your marker track to the top of your project window, then open the key editor window and resize/move it down just enough so you can see the marker track above it in the background.

  2. Instead of using the key editor window, use the Lower Zone Key Editor, or the “Edit In Place” function on the MIDI/Instrument track itself within your project window. That way you can see your markers directly above it within the same window.

I would love to have the signature, tempo and marker tracks available in the Key Editor (Drum Editor would also be nice) but what about Score, that already has time signature by virtue of the manuscript but I can’t imagine List Edit.

Thanks for the advice guys. Must admit - I’m quite surprised by this as its such an obvious thing I’d presumed it was something I’d overlooked! :neutral_face:

It’s only LOGICal the DAW should have those obvious things, ya?