seek basic comping method for drums

After reading Cubase 6 manual and searching the related forum, I could not find a cookbook style explanation of how to comp drums to get a perfect take. My question: Starting with multiple drum takes (say three) and multiple drum mics for each take (say nine) recorded outside of Cubase and imported in, what are the basic steps for comping these takes to get a perfect take? Clearly, import into separate tracks. Put all drum tracks for each take in a folder track and somehow comp the takes as folder parts? I gathered from the forum that I cannot use lanes as I am familiar with using after I’ve recorded in the past using Cubase LE4.

I do not plan to quantize. Do I nonetheless need the Group Editing option that is not available in Cubase Artist 6 in order to comp my drum recordings? If so please describe the basic steps for group editing so as to comp drums to get a perfect take.