Seek help; Sonuus i2M used with Dorico 3.5

After loading and upgrading Sonuus firmware and software, configuring it to electric 4 string bass guitar, and having it show in “Midi Devices” on 3.5, I get terrible results in the “Write” mode. Does anyone know of a video tutorial of how to fine-tune these softwares to work together sucessfully and simply, as each is advertised?

Also, more specific to Dorico 3.5 SE, is it possible to manually input just the basic scale notes, perhaps everything in quarter notes, until the piece is complete, and then go back and assign rhythms (dots, ties, note values, bar lines) ? At this early stage of my experience with the product, the software makes unwanted decisions for me.
Perhaps another video tutorial?

It’s not clear what you mean by ‘terrible results’ nor how you’re trying to enter the notes.

When it comes to the pitches, Dorico can know nothing of what happens before the pitch to MIDI conversion (all it receives is a number between 0 and 127) so you’ll have to optimize that first. Start with the default i2M settings and experiment with the pickup selection and tone control settings on your bass. Moving on to the i2M settings, legato detection should normally be on. You might be able to improve the conversion a bit by changing things like the velocity filter and curve settings. Playing an octave up and lowering the pitch with the trans setting (or in Dorico) might help.

The process of entering notes into Dorico one at a time is exactly as it would be if you were using a MIDI keyboard. Have you been trying to record your playing?

You’re going to need to play very carefully and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get useful results. Generally speaking, it won’t be Dorico’s fault if you find this doesn’t work well.

Thanks. Very helpful info, if not entirely encouraging. Agreed that the best results may not be good enough, but I’ll try your suggested remedies. Yes, I am hoping to play the bass into the system and have the notes show.
Since I am not a keyboard player, the alternative will be entering by hand with mouse pad, which will involve a different learning curve.
Would seem Dorico would provide a set of highly definitive vid tutorials, but have not found any.