Seeking 61-key MIDI controller

I’m looking to buy myself a 61-key midi controller and was seeking suggestions.

I’m after something with good playability as it will mostly be used for playing intricate piano stuff rather than just a controller
Not looking for any additional bells and whistles – fewest knobs and pad buttons. Just best bang for buck in terms of playability.

Welcome all suggestions!
Seeking around £100 mark

The Nektar Impact LX61+ is a bargain in the US at just under $200. The keys have a heavier feel than typical super-soft synth keyboards, though they are not full “hammer action” type keys. There is enough resistance so you can feel the keypress, I find I don’t have to “rigidify” my hand to avoid rippling chords. There are quite a few knobs and buttons which can be used or ignored as you wish, and If you choose to use them they are well integrated into Cubase if you spend a few minutes with the manual. I use the LX88+ for playing in parts, and the softer touch GX49 which I can comfortably lay across my lap when step recording at the computer.

I did a rundown for a person (mainly a guitarist, I think) here. If Cubase integration is not that important, then the Novation SLMkii’s main frustrations are moot. The fatar keys are the best I’ve ever played.

You won’t find much in the way of rewarding to play keyboards in that price range, my M-Audio Oxygen 61 (currently £111 at GAK) is perfectly good but it’s a typical cheap keyboard (with half decent aftertouch it must be said), if you’re a pianist,you might be better off spending your hundred pounds on something higher quality, but second-hand. Keyboards depreciate at an astronomical rate. For instance, my YP55 (reasonable piano-like feel but still not hammer action) cost me £80 second-hand 10 years ago when it was still £400+ new.

PS Keyboard feel is so subjective - there’s no substitute for visiting a shop and getting a feel for what you do or don’t like, then you’ll have a shortlist of the manufacturers that suit you, most big names make their own keybeds, so if you like all Rolands or Yamahas (for instance) you can bet a similar but slightly older model off fleabay will suit you.