Seeking a better workaround for Halion instruments that are too quiet

I’m using a number of Halion instruments in my current project. It seems I cannot get some of the Halion piano samples to sound as loud as the other Halion instruments I’m using.

I’ve tried using the MIX Level adjustment in Halion. Doesn’t seem to ‘stick’. I would like to avoid having to make everything else quieter so I can get the level right on my lower-volume instruments.

As a workaround, I added an EQ that has an overall level adjustment, (as an Insert effect) on the track. That does the job, but it’s a bit of extra work for any instruments I come across that aren’t loud enough.

Can you post a project, with this instruments loaded, that reproduces your issue, so someone can check?

Thanks Christian. Since I couldn’t send in my project file (it’s for a client), I tried to recreate the problem with a fresh file. Lo and behold… the problem wasn’t there! That got me thinking it’s probably something about the way my project was set up… such as an inadvertent pianissimo.

Still a Dorico newbie, but am lovin’ it… when I’m not busy scratching my head.

I do wish the mixer ranges were more extensive, on the top end. I’m used to Studio One, which let’s me add a +/- 20dB offset to each track. S1 also has a Mixtool plugin that can be inserted to further increase or decrease gain. (Perhaps Dorico offers something similar.)

If you’re having the problem with a specific project and you can’t post it publicly because it’s for a client, you could first cut the project down to just a small chunk that is sufficient to demonstrate the problem (e.g. by deleting all but one flow, and then deleting as many bars as possible from the remaining flow to cut it down to just the affected bars, and then deleting any other players and instruments that are not required to reproduce the problem). If you’re worried about the musical content itself, you could use some of the musical transformations features in Write > Transform to obscure the musical content by inverting it, retrograding it, mapping it to another scale, etc.

Thanks Daniel. Still investigating possible ‘user error’ aspects. Will follow your suggestions once my investigations are complete.

Thank you for the suggestion, Daniel.

After checking the Velocity and Dynamics lanes for unexpected changes in volume, then using a gain plugin to bring all my tracks to approximately the same level, (prior to sculpting the balances to sound better,) I’ve concluded a number of the Halion instruments vary in gain/volume.

I don’t think there’s anything amiss here.