Seeking advice on USB MIDI interfaces (or transmitters)


I need to use my MIDI keyboards to record MIDI in Dorico for iPad wirelessly. My MIDI keyboards both feature USB-B ports (similar to a printer’s port) and lack 30-pin MIDI ports. Can you recommend a brand and model of USB MIDI interface or transmitter that would suit my needs? It would be ideal if I could connect also to my Windows 10 or macOS system to record MIDI using the desktop versions of Dorico or my DAW.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You might try a wireless wiFi option.

For PC you can get MIDI to WAN/LAN with a free utility called rtpMIDI. Typically you’d use your network router as a relay, and some wiFi interfaces in PCs and Macs these days can also bypass your network router and do direct ad-hoc wiFi connections between two ‘specific devices’.

Not sure about Mac (think it’s built into the OS and more or less automatic), but there’s bound to be plenty of rtpMIDI configuration/driver apps out there. (rtpMIDI implementation notes)

Next, you’d find an rtpMIDI app for your handheld devices (iPad/Andriod). I don’t know too much about iOS, but I think it has built in rtpMIDI support?

For Android, I’ve been using an app called MIDI Connector.

Found a tutorial using rtpMIDI with an iPad…
rtpMIDI To Ipad and Keyboard Tutorial (

That tutorial is pretty short and only deals with getting a single connection going one direction, and there’s not much to it, but I bet you can search out more using info you glean from watching it.

Concept: for bi-directional MIDI you’ll set up TWO rtpMIDI connections. One to get MIDI from your iPad into the PC. A second to get MIDI from the PC into the iPad.

By default Dorico should automatically mix whatever MIDI input comes in via rtpMIDI. There are more MIDI related options in Dorico setup if you’d like to mute/enable or isolate various MIDI inputs on your system.

To get a stream OUT from Dorico to rtp network devices, you’d set up another rtpMIDI port, and add it to the list of MIDI instrument outputs in Dorico. Activate the stave you want to transmit through to the iPad from the PC and play your MIDI keyboard. The data should pass through.

If you want to get MIDI directly from a MIDI controller plugged into your PC routed to the iPad without Dorico or a full DAW of some sort involved, then take a closer look at the rtpMIDI control panel (it has some live transmission options), or use a simple MIDI utility like Bome Translator or Bidule.

For what it’s worth, devices exist that can convert usb controllers to Blue Tooth, wiFI, or other formats. One BT example is WIDI Uhost. An example of a wiFi option is the Yamaha UD-WL01. Obviously, you might need to swap USB cables or use converter plugs.

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Thank you very much! I think I am going to stay with Camera Kit as things are already very complicated.