Seeking Advice on whether to upgrade to Cubase 12 on existing computer or new computer

Before Cubase 12 was available I bought a Dell XPS workstation and LG Ultrawide Monitor to move my Cubase 11 setup over from the existing 8 year old Toshiba Satellite. My Cubase setup is connected to a Yamaha MoxF8 in which I use for most of my instruments and a Steinberg UR 44. Getting that configured was a nightmare!!! I was already tentative and anxious to move Cubase 11 over to the new Dell XPS and configure in the Yamaha MoxF8 and Steinberg UR44. However with a 30 day trial for Cubase 12, should I just download and set that up, configure in the MoxF8 & UR44? I would be grateful for any advice and/or steps. Thanks so much reading this!

I don’t see a big problem in installing the C12 demo alongside C11 on your current computer (assuming it is Win 10 or 11)… Usually, all the existing configuration is copied over from the old version, so you don’t have to set it up again.
If you are really paranoid, you can take an image backup before installing (Should be done regularly anyway…)

I have a similar situation - I’ve got an existing Cubase 11 PC which is the day-to-day workhorse in my studio and it runs great. I also bought a brand new high end PC to install Cubase 12 on. My advice (which I’m taking myself is): Leave the existing PC alone! It’s running well, and presumably you’re relying on it every day for your studio work. No need to take any chances with that if you’ve got a new PC - use that new PC to test drive Cubase 12 until you’re 100% sure all of your gear works, and all of your use cases are covered, and then (and only then) move over to that new PC.

Thanks Jan! I had not considered that approach.

Thanks for the advice! I had been leaning that way myself. I hope your transition goes perfect for you!

Thanks - same to you! Right now, the long pole isn’t Cubase 12, it’s Windows 11 compatibility of the plug-ins that I’m using… something to pay attention to!

It would also help if you put down the spec of your computer and not just it’s name.

You can always make a system image of your machine or machines and you can go back and forwards as much as you like.

I wasn’t sure even Cubase 12 would run on Windows 11. I’m still using Windows 10. I can only handle so much change at a time.

I am not tech savvy in that way but thanks for the idea!

Cubase 12 apparently runs just fine on Windows 11. I figured that if I’m going to go through a big upgrade (new PC, new Cubase version), I might as well get onto the latest supported OS (Windows 11), otherwise, I’ll have another disruptive upgrade task ahead of me at some point that I’d rather avoid.

Hi Never have a bad accident again On Windows 11
I am nearly satisfied with the way Cubase 12 is running for me.
I Had purchased a couple of 2 terrabyte external USB drives.
I will image my drive soon now as things are looking pretty good and this would be a good point to save as a go to survival kit

I suggest anyway to get yourself a good 2 terrabyte drive, about £100. It is worth it, you bet yer bottom Dollar lol!.

Once you have your drive connected , go to Control panel - Choose File History
Now look at the bottom left of your screen and you will see a shield and System Image Backup
Press that then look at top left of screen and press Create System Image
You now will get a panel show up and it will look for a drive to backup your whole machine ,windows 11 and all of your music on C and D drives of your computer
Once your Usb drive is found press Next

It is straight forward from there, you just make sure your C and D drives are selected or just C drive if you want.
then go forward to starting your image.

I always make sure my image will get to the Re-Image stage to check but do not press for re- imaging , just exit

If you want to Re-image connect your Usb with the image on.

You then have to go to Settings and then look down list and press Recovery
Now press Advanced Startup now your machine will restart and then wait.
Once the blue screen comes up Press Troubleshoot
Next screen press Advanced Options

Now press See more recovery options
(On my previous Windows 11 Update ,I had a login screen appear before Select Image Backup screen)
Ignore that and press ok and it will go forward.
Now you should see Select System image.
You will see the image ready on your plugged in USB Drive.
You can select what you have, say C and D drive and go for next until your machine starts Re-Imaging. You Can also select C or D drive separately by selecting Select a System image

The Re-imaging can take Two to Three hours or more sometimes .
Mine takes about 5 hours if i am doing C and D Drives as i have over a terrabyte in total.
I do my machine at night and then get some sleep. Best way.
Hope this is of some help.

All the Best

cubase12 and mac mini M1 (16gb ram) Big sur has been a nightmare. think it out, alot of issues that need to be solved

WOW! Thanks for all details John! Will have to give this a go. Of

If you get any problems just ask.
Another important thing is to not rename your folder with the image in.
Just keep everything as it is. You will know as it usually names your computer to which image to use if you have a computer for internet purposes and one for music.
Best to just have an all Music machine only and watch football and downloads with vpn on another.

All the best
John :slightly_smiling_face:

I dual booted. I partitioned my drive and installed win 11 on the 2nd partition. When booting you get the menu to choose which os to boot to. This way I worked on win 10 while slowly getting everything working on win 11 when I had time. Once I was 100% happy with win 11 I removed win 10 and reclaimed the space. I left it about a month just in case I forgot something.

Thanks again John!

Thanks for sharing how you tackled it! I hope I have a similar success story. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I hear ya on that. It’s good to know that Cubase 12 is running fine on Windows 11. Knowing that I will probably upgrade to 11 on the new machine before doing the Cubase 12 plunge. Thanks again! Take care!

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