Fellow Cubase 5 :nerd: Users and - :ugeek: Guru’s

I have a question on time stretching (TS) a :question: noise sweep audio sample.

The noise sweep had an original :arrow_right: tempo 128 and a bit depth of 16 bit. I imported it into my project at a tempo of :arrow_right: 102 and converted the bit depth to 32-bit. I used the PolyComplex algorithm.

However, now the sample has a :frowning: “bathroom” effect to it.

Is that :question: phasing?

Is there a :question: better way to keep the integrity of the original sample?

Is there a :question: difference between using the loopbrowser and the “File/Import/Audio” option.

I’ve tried to convert the stereo file to mono, duplicate it and off-set both slightly to get the stereo effect back. It helped slightly, but with obvoius timing problems (in terms of the project). Adding a bit of distortion also assisted.
:neutral_face: The bottom line is, I’m not really satisfied with the result.

So by the way, would :question: Cubase 6’s “new/additional” time tretching alogarithm fare better in this instance (with noise sweeps). I’m sure it will fare better with more frequency specific, tempo based samples.

:arrow_right: Any relevant advice would be welcome, even suggestions on quality brands of slower tempo samples with FX sweeps.

Thank you