Seeking best practices for 4 movement piece

I created 4 flows and have an edition containing 4 movements, all is great there. The page layout for the first page has the piece title and movement info, copyright, etc. The subsequent movements start with a title page not having the copyright again, etc. Looks exactly as I want it.

I wish to now want to create standalone products based on each movement, and the title page for each will have the movement name as the title. I started to create new layouts in the file and this was going well until I noticed the engraving type changes I made in the original layout, such as side of the note certain accents were on, are not present in the new layout. The changes I made were extensive and don’t wish to recreate them.

Given the situation above, I assume the best way forward is to save a copy of the original file, edit the master layouts as needed then hide the 3 flows I don’t want?

You can set Layout properties for multiple layouts at once. Maybe it doen’s help in your situation but next time if you can predict how many layouts yu’ll use, create them firts and set their properties all in one shot

I wish the next update will include a way to retrieve Layout and Engrave settings.

It’s not the layout properties I’m lacking, but changes made on individual notes in the main layout. At this point I’m seeking the best solution given the state of things.

If you mean that properties are not syncing throught different layouts I think there’s no way to do it at the moment.

I went through and did as I proposed…wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, though I found a few mistakes and had to fix in the collection as well as the individual edition. I now have 5 Dorico files, 1 of each movement and the collection.

You can put all instances in a single file

I think, given the current state of Dorico regarding individual properties, the way Ed has done it is the best one.

When Dorico has the option to automatically push properties from the score into all layouts, simply creating new layouts that consist only of one single flow will be a better way, no doubt. But if you have that many properties set, working with copies of the file is currently the best option.

I hope these types of capabilities come soon. The potential power and elegance of flows and layouts was mostly lost with the need to create a 5 file solution.

Today’s 2 features around propagating properties are a welcome step in the evolution of these capabilities.