Seeking fo routing advice (M/S processing with stereo-only hardware compressor)


I have one stereo compressor that has a slight tilting/drifting issue (not by much but it is there unfortunately)

I would like to do M/S processing through it instead so give Mid to Left, Side to Right?

I use Cubase as my main DAW, and my interface is UFX ii, fortunately I have TotalMix FX routing app which is handy.

My question is, can I process mid side compression with Avalon 747sp that is only stereo unit (no dual stereo), and while I am processing, monitor it back as decoded stereo…?

I have tried yesturday but had no luck, so what I did, left MID on DAW monitoring and then processed SIDE only through the compressor which worked, but only side.

I sent SIDE from mono track and it nulled… haha… (with MSED plugin) sorry in advance I am not so intelligent about physical M/S processing, since it was deadly easy with plugins… (haha)

What is the best bet and is it even possible with my existing setup…?

Thank you in advance!