Seeking for: Improving VST Skills in Dorico

I would like to use my Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra (not the BBC) and my other VST inside Dorico, taking advantage of the variety or articulations and so on.
This is because I prefer to compose in Dorico and then it may be easier to “port” the score to Cubase in order to finish it. I have a lot of Expression Maps for Cubase (the ones from Babylon Waves) and I’ve been using Dorico regularly since version 3 (although I bought the version 1 and skipped the 2).
I’m seeking for guidance to improve my skills and my workflow, and I know there are videos about it. In fact, there are so many that it feels intimidating, and I need help to order and focus my learning.
Also, I have Dorico 4 but I plan on upgrading to 5 in a future (although I’m not in a hurry).
Thanks in advance!

I think these 2 videos from the Dorico YouTube channel might be helpful to start:

Will John Barron be doing a Discover Dorico this month? I’ve missed him-- and them-- recently.

Thank you! I’ll be watching these :slight_smile:

By the way, is there any section in the forum in which I can ask for tips and tricks? For instance, I tried to use the Trill but instead it calls the legato articulation, and it seems I cannot change it automatically.

It’s been easier than I thought it will be. I hope it will translate well enough to Cubase. How should I “port” the score to cubase? via MIDI, MXML, …?

Thanks in advance

Next Discover Dorico is today, in like five hours, and will be about titling pages and Frontmatter.