Seeking Headphone Recommendations For Nuendo Immersive Mixing

Wired are fine - no noise canceling needed or wanted - just looking for the best imaging and of course in the Nuendo Headphones list. Smooth bass would be nice with a little punch - but most important is imaging…s

That’s not the answer you were asking for - but virtual imaging depends totally on the physical shape of your head and ears, or actually the HRTF you’re using to emulate them. You might like or dislike the sound of a certain headphone, but typically they are “just” one small speaker close to each ear, thus they won’t do a lot regarding 3D imaging (… assuming that you’re using a professional studio product in any case, of course).

I mean for straight out imaging out of the headphones I love my HD800S. They do need EQ to tame the highs and boost the bass a bit. Above them I’ve heard the Dan Clark Expanse are supposed to be amazing but I am not sure if I can talk myself in to $4k for headphones.

Now this is all just for imaging with a signal on the phones themselves. For immersive audio, you need some HRTF software as Dietz noted. I’m not sure that the HD800S are the best choice for that or not. I find they work well for me with Abbey Road Nx, but some of the other solutions that many people describe as working well I can’t localize anything with so maybe it is the phones, maybe my ears.

I am at a bit of a disadvantage as I am house bound and live in the middle of nowhere so i can’t go to a dealer and listen to different head phones.

I see in the manual that Nuendo has compensation for different brands. I seem to remember seeing a compensation eq also.

As my system is 14 speakers I have 2-channels to drive a good headphone amp. (I built a floating ground years ago) I’m not looking for perfection just good quality. As what I do, at this point, is only for me I can make it sound what sounds good to me.

OMG $2,000 headphones - what is this world coming to. Anything in the $200 to $400 range i should be looking at.

i will find my $200 earbuds :slight_smile:

I programed a warble tone audiometer on one of my eventides and for an old guy my hearing aint bad. …s

I have HRTS on my PT and I am looking for one for the MAC. I am really curious to hear what AMBISONICS sounds like. …s

Hey, you asked what I liked, I never said the price was reasonable :slight_smile:

LOL you got me. Looking at Audio-Technica ATH-M50X . Any thoughts. I wish I was rich :slight_smile:

I didn’t like them when I tried them because they clamp pretty hard on your head and I wear glasses so that bothers me. I didn’t give them much of a listen because of that so I can’t offer a lot of useful insight on them, other than the comfort note.

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Sennheiser HD650

Great oldbrand. Reasonable price. The open back makes total sense.

Might want the HD 660 S - HiRes - for the standard size plug. Thanks.

There is only one headphone that can be found in all of our studios and that meets your price requirements: AKG K702.
But as you specifically ask for “punch”, they may not satisfy you. (In this case, the K712 might be an alternative. But we don’t use them. So I can’t say anything about this model.)

Immersive Mixing

Have you looked at Audeze Mobius 3D Headphones + 360 Ambisonics Tools

Very interesting. Does this software supersede, are better than the plug-ins that come with N12?

The Head tracking puts you in a Ambisonic and Immersive bubble. It’s more intuitive than the tools available in N12. The monitoring tools are stellar and worth in itself.

I agree - second wave - I have to learn Nuendo and the plugins first :slight_smile:

Sennheiser’s HD 650s continue to be the most recommended, uncolored, and best (now) bang for the buck…No harsh boosted frequencies…no inaccurate pounding bass. Just …sweet and balanced, which is what you need for mixing. Every seasoned engineer I’ve worked with for decades has them. And you can now get the special edition (“6xx”) for even less money. Currently $219. Same headphones with just a little more plastic. They’re at: Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX | Top Rated Open-Back Headphones | Drop Best two hundred bucks you’ll spend in audio.

Audio Technica ATH M50X is worth a try. Or the ATH R70X.

Headphones are always a personal thing. More than everything else. One model that fits for a person can make another person hurt.

I am trying the Byer DT90 - If I don’t like them I can send them back…s

That’s a very good idea!

If you are buying from an online shop, it is important to check whether the shop classifies headphones as a “hygiene product”. Some online retailers will not take back headphones once you have tried them. (Because of the ear pads.) Amazon doesn’t have this problem. But there are shops that won’t take back headphones once the packaging has been opened.
By the way, in some specialist shops you can order “trial” headphones (you may have to pay a deposit).

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