Seeking help for Upgrading my Cubase LE AI Elements 7 to Cubase LE AI Elements 11

I have been using Cubase LE AI Elements 7 since 2014 and I noticed that I should be eligible for upgrading my Cubase to LE AI Elements 11.

Therefore, I downloaded Steinberg Download Assistant and installed the Cubase to LE AI Elements 11. Howevere, it requires me to input the activation code which I don’t know where to find it.

How can I find the code and upgrade my Cubase? Thanks a lot!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase LE AI Elements are 3 different editions. If you own Cubase LE or Cubase AI, you are allowed to get Cubase LE or AI 12 for free. If this is the case, get in contact with your local support to get the Download Access Code.

If you are Cubase Elements 7 owner, you have to buy the update. At this moment, there is Cubase Elements 12 availably at this moment. Steinberg always offers the latest version only. But if you buy the update, you can use Cubase Elements 11 with the license too (if you need to for some reason).

We should add the information that the licenses changed from the eLicenser system to Steinberg licensing.
More information is available here:

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