Seeking original Nuendo 1.x ISO

Seeking the ISO disc image of the original Nuendo 1.x CD. It isn’t on the Steinberg .ftp

I will have a look… Not sure…
Do you still have the old parallel dongle for the printer port or is there a workaround?

Parallel Port only for VST/32. SX1.0 and Nuendo 1.0 were Syncrosoft/elicenser

Never found it.

Out of curiosity, why do you want it?

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Why do people need installers?

I guess, the question posed is: why do you need to install a software version, which was released in 2000?


If you try to install the older version after the later versions 2, 3, 4, you will run into issues overwriting the Syncrosoft driver.

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i’ve the original CD of Nuendo 1.0 …

Jeez Nuendo 1 was pretty basic by todays measure

Great! Are you able to image the CD?

… but the surround speaker setup was more flexible back then. ;-D

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did you get my message ?