seeking project work flow advice

Just curious how others use cubase most effectively. I’ve been really recording more and more lately, and learning about fx sends(parallel compression sort of), so the project has become pretty big. 8.5 MB approximately, and 112 gigs of audio. Is this why cubase is crashing a lot and acting funny/glitching?

How do you guys record an album? Should i make a template of all my tracks and basic settings, and record each song on its own individual project file? If yes, then I would import each mixed down .wav file into a single empty project, line them all up/crossfade so there’s no hiccups in sound between tracks (if necessary), and then apply whatever ozone mastering, etc, to that project for a final mix down?

Is it just beneficial to record straight through in the same project file?

if i wanted to have the hypothetical 10 songs (as individual projects) open at the same time, when i focus on one project’s window, it will activate just that one project, and put the others to sleep?

Sorry if this is noob stuff, but, despite running ableton live for years, and cubase since 2008, I’m constantly learning new things. Thank you all.

Yes, exactly what I would recommend.

If you mean recording in each song as a separate project file, then yes.

The answer is yes, but I do not recommend it. Better safe than sorry…if you take that as a rule of thumb, don’t open ten projects all at the same time, albeit only one will be active at a time. It will be risky, to say the least. Try not to put too much pressure on Cubase Artist.

Good luck.

There have been discussions on this. No general rule really.

Unless it’s a live recording, for me it’s easier to work out an album on a song basis. Each with it’s corresponding audio and project files in a dedicated folder. (Lots of settings transfer…)