Seeking Someone in the Portland OR area to help configure HW in Cubase Pro 11

For the most, I really like Cubase. After working with several other DAWS, Cubase does so much more. However, there are a number of very basic functions that Ive never been able to effectively use, so Ive either learned to live with it, or developed work-arounds. Also this summer I plan to purchase a UAD X16 interface, and a Neve summing mixer. The videos showing how to configure this hardware in Cubase seems pretty straightforward, but I do not have anyone that I can call to ask questions if something goes awry. So I am trying to find someone in the NW Oregon area that is quite experienced with Cubase, and has done this sort of thing. I am willing to pay for your services whether it be a phone call or to have you come to my studio and help me configure. If you are interested please pm me

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