Seems like Cubase is stuck in the '70s

  1. Cubase (for Windows) doesn’t follow the Windows standard Menu format (i.e. Alt+F opens the file menu then an underscore character opens a operation of choice).
  2. There is no indication that a file has been saved or not. In Windows an unsaved file name is followed by an asterisks.
  3. I create a track with an instrument and then want to change it to another company’s instrument. For instance, change from Halion to Native Instruments - can’t be done. I have to create a new track and copy the track I’ve done to the new one.
  4. I have several controller’s and want to change the track from one controller to another. Again, can’t be done. I have to create a new track and copy my old track to it.
    Doug :slight_smile:

Well, 3 & 4 can certainly be done - I do both all the time.

What version of Cubase are you using?

Can you provide a step by step description of what you are doing to change the VSTi or Controller and indicate how it doesn’t work. Screenshots might also be useful.

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I do this practically every day. However maybe I’m not following you?

It’s just a midi track that either Halion or Kontakt is reading. I change the plug that reads the midi all the time. Usually it’s a piano VST because I’m not sure what piano fits best.

1 and 2 are my bête noires.

Don’t know about 1 as I’m on Mac.

3 & 4 are easily doable.

But #2… I have been asking for this.

As a minimum, have a [LAST SAVE] text show up in the Undo History list.

It is imperative!

(1) Cubase overrules several key commands of Windows with its own. Alt+F is by default assigned to “Edit - Invert”. If you remove this assignment, Alt+F selects “File” in the main menu, as is the Windows Standard. If you want to keep any assignment to Alt+F, at least you can select “File” menu by pressing Alt and F afterwards (not simultanously). Selection by underscored letters is apparently not supported.
(2) Agreed, this is missing.
(3) (4) No issues, can select any instrument/controller from the drop-down list.

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