Seems like the Forum thinned out

It seems like there are a lot of people that did not make it to the new forum. I know the holidays slow everything down a bit, but it seems there are a lot of forum regulars we have not heard from yet.
Maybe they changed their names to protect the innocent?

Could be part that. I do know of a few people having a hard time getting in through their mysteinberg accounts.

I’ve noticed this too. I’m very curious as to how this will pan out up to … about 5th January. Hopefully enough time for the registration problems to get solved, and for people to ‘return’ from the christmas vacation.

Certianly feels a bit more cozy, though part of that is this new forum software … which stops the text just spreading across the page. The old forum used to spread ALL the way. This is like a postage stamp in the middle of my screen.

I think a lot of people are having issues even getting in here, and they are giving up in disgust, like Phil.

I agree with your postage stamp comment, I don’t really like it and there’s too much white :unamused:

Membership/activity has indeed fallen off.

I wonder how many non-Cubase users have gone?

Also remember that many users provided a fake dongle number …


That’s a shame, we need Phil!!! :frowning:

I have a feeling most will drift in over time. I quickly scanned the members list and recognised many who I don’t think have posted yet. Maybe they’re at the bar ordering drinks.

… I just went over to the Member’s list and !
There were only 23 people on that list. Most were admins or names I did not recognize. There were names missing of people who have been posting here.

Phil … Ah I don’t think he’s given up. There’s a tree with a branch overhanging the jungle clearing in the night and, black on black, a panther is draped - one paw lazily swirling in the inky darkness. It is his shadow which covers all who pass below. cough … I’m sure he’ll be along presently.

I think he’s still using Cubase.

Now Jet mentions it … I’m remembering quite a few people on the old forum mentioning how they were now using other programs. I can see how the fellowship was what kept them here, but that now there is the dongle-lock at the door. There’s also people like Zap with his VST5, and as mentioned in, I think, a ‘forum issues’ thread … Thomas, a Nuendo user, who’d pop over to say hello.

I’m looking forward to when this forum’s tech-teething troubles are sorted
1: Smoothness and predictability for new registrants
2: Staying logged in when user instructs to stay logged in
3: Member’s list which reflects actual number of members.

I think that’s an important bit of ground to clear, then the significance of the other mentioned factors may come to light more clearly.

Yeah i’ve noticed a lot of old faces are missing too… Glyn… there are more members than 23 or so… i got caught out too by that… if you list them alphabetically you’ll see there are a lot more…
Is a shame… not seen Dylan/Sir Dancealot and a few other faces yet… would be a shame if they don’t make it over here…
But yeah i do suspect one or two may have used fake dongle numbers :frowning:
Apart from the stupidity re: the separate mac/pc areas and the teething problems the new forum DOES have a very nice friendly vibe too it :smiley: some good guys on here!

1276 members as of this typing.
poke around a little with PHP and you know how to figure that out.
I wrote something in another topic describing this process but since the phpBB problems persists I can’t be bothered to search for it since nobody can watch it without being logged out again and then won’t be bothered to get logged in again just to see how you figure out how many members there is on the forum … :unamused: :blush:

If somebody find the topic, follow the procedure described, then when you have the “start=X” thing working you make a wild guess at say 5000. no hits? Half that = 2500. no hits. Half that = 1250. Full page of 25 hits. Try midway between 2500 and 1250 and keep doing it that way and it never takes more than around 7-8 tries to see the end of it.

You can go back to sleep now! :laughing:

Maybe a few of them are away for celebrating whatever they are celebrating along with friends and relatives that live far away so you never know when they pop up again :wink: Maybe they’re stuck at an airport or whatever …

Happy happiness to all of them.

Me, I’m celebrating winter solstice for the second year. The sun is what gives us life, it good evidence for its existence when you get a nice tan in the summer from the hydrogen>helium fusion process even if it seems a little distant right now, but now it’s getting lighter again! Makes you warm and fuzzy on the inside, doesn’t it, it makes life worth living? :sunglasses:

yeah good point Ulf!
And yeah can’t wait to start lapping up those rays again… mmmmm vitamin D and Melatonin production… wonderful stuff! :smiley:

Matt … thanks. I did have an alphabetical look and hah … there they were. Quite a lot, actually. very curious as to WHAT is the difference which lets two people with the same ‘credentials’ have such different levels of success when registering.

Ulf …

AH the Solstice. Yes … I’ve been celebrating that. Here, we sacrifice virgin and non virgin animals and vegetables. We prepare them with intense heat … fire, oil and water. Then we … we EAT them. We believe it imbues us with … with their qualities and thereby sustains us. This is true … for when people are stopped doing this, they wither, stop moving, and stink. We also ferment grape and grain, and have loud play-fights inside and outside pubs - this is a ritual of sympathetic magic to honour and encourage the dynamic tension of positive and negative cosmic forces. At the height of this festivity, there is ‘The Calling In’ of the PoLice … they symbolize the Principle of Containment of Energy … the Vessel in which Creation is given form. The PoLice choose the most committed celebrants to spend a ‘Night In the Cell’ - a time of meditation and epiphany - a rite of passage so profound that many awaken without memory of what they were doing or how they got there.

Seriously, though, Ulf, … this Solstice … everything Was well set up … I mean … FULL MOON AND ECLIPSE. But unfortunately, cloud cover was total. I think the solstice time is my favourite … I DO like short days. I hope your Solstice celebrations have been going well :slight_smile:


Since you missed it the Lunar Eclipse, here is a time lapse of it, you can watch the entire thing in 2 minutes

I would agree it seems as though the forum has thinned out. Yet, it also seem to have more life and a very upbeat attitude. January will tell the tail me thinks.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
He’s mad, I tells ya, MAAAAD!
Too bad about the anti weather, though, no nearby planets or stars visible over here …

mmmm … :sunglasses:

We lucked out over here. Clear skies and we were in the zone to see it “totally”. :wink: It’s actually quite eerie. As the regular moon, it looks like a disk in the sky, so the mind doesn’t give it as much thought. But when it looks like a pitted beachball you can definitely see its “roundness”, hanging up there. It literally adds a new dimension to your thoughts about it.

Now on topic. :smiley: I also think the holidays are slowing things down. From the perspective of my late membership on the old forum, it looks like almost all of the “regulars” are here. But yeah, I hope Phil and “Sir Dancealot” will show up.


Meanwhile others choose to practise their devotion more privately, worshipping at home, sometimes for hours at a time, before the Shrine Of Many Flickering Colours until reaching a trance-like state in which the mind is freed from all effort.