Seems strange that there is zilch info from N7 at GDC

Seems strange to me that there is zilch info from N7 at GDC here on the Steinberg Official Nuendo Forum. Other than the trailer, which while well done, is a long way from any sort of feedback from the actual N7 GDC rollout. I’m talking about any sort of first hand account, even from SB.

Do a Google search for Nuendo 7 GDC. All you get is the announcement from February. Seems very anticlimactic, doesn’t it? I mean, this being the “Official Forum”?

If you want the big marketing hype you need to buy from other companies, Steinberg seems to AVOID this. :laughing:

I guess it represents my preferences quite well. Yamaha/Steinberg focus on delivering new features and leave the big hype for others. I believe/hope that this strategy will be successful in the end.

Others get big announcements we have a working video engine :mrgreen:


there will be a review of the show very soon.