[seems to be solved] Dorico 5.0.20 Pro trial and SE crash often. diagnostic reports

When testing the following features, Dorico crashes MacOS.

  • Playback when opening multiple windows of a project. In one window, the playhead follows during playback, while in other windows the playhead does not follow.
  • Duplicate notes on a staff above

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (960.9 KB)

The mouse pointer rotates, then the screen goes black. Then MacOS reboots, or I should reboot.

This time I just opened a Dorico project file using Dorico 5, let it run for a few minutes without doing any tasks, then the system crashed and rebooted.

Dorico Diagnostics-1.zip (741.3 KB)

I found the following message:

SOCD report detected: (iBoot panic)

More logs and a video:

Hi @prko , in your diagnostics are no crash files from Dorico or the audio engine. But I did a Google search on “SOCD report detected: (iBoot panic)” and what I read there is, that it could be a hardware issue. Also, your computer crashing down to a reboot can not be caused by Dorico. So please investigate in that other direction and also get in touch with Apple Support.

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Thank you very much!

I have reinstalled the MOTU audio interface driver. My main computer has not crashed in 4 hours. Thanks again @Ulf

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