Seems weird asking this , is 11.0.10 safe to update from C11?

Im seeing all sorts of horror stories with updating to 11.0.10 causing all sorts of issues with the metering setups . is it actually safe to update on win 10 -2ho2 ?

If you are dependent on a custom color scheme for the meters… don’t update, I would say.

I have reverted back to Cubase 11.0.0 and Nuendo 11.0.0, because for my workflow my own coloring of the meters are essential… The customization of the meters is a great feature I don’t understand why Steinberg are “knuffing” with.
It’s beyond me that they can break something like this in a minor update… Funk that!

Really , this is where im seeing a mixed bag , some people saying you can still adjust the colours . Im the same , love adjust the colours to suit my levels

In the pref settings it seems that you can change the channel meter settings, but it doesn’t work within the mixer… In the mixer it shows whatever strange color scheme Steinberg have chosen.

It also revert back to the choice “+3 dB (channel meters)”, even though you select +6 dB (it jumps back to +3 dB, and it shows that the next time you open the preference window).

The meters are also a bit funky in the Master/Control Room section… Some meter selections are not available anymore.

For me it has become an important way to work to set up my own meter coloring… With breakpoints at -18, -6 dB… Green to yellow’ish to red… This doesn’t work in C 11.0.10

Ummm ,not good , i’ll stay on C11 for a while , no issues with my version so no point in updating

It works if you edit the +3db Digital, or which ever is the default for mixer channels. I think all other meters affect only the big master meter in control room.

It don’t show your color settings and your custom breakpoints in the mix console meters no matter what selection you do in the prefs (-3 dB or -6, or even -12 dB)… That’s the problem.

PS. On windows 10 btw