Segment based EQ and sends


I used to work in the 90’s on a DAR soundstation. One of the most powerfull things it had was Segment based EQ and two sends.

Just imagine a soundtrack, cut it in two in the middel, eq the first half different than the second half, add a crossfade of 30 seconds and one eq morfs to the other.(including sends for room)
Imagine a telephone conversation, just cut the dialogue through the telephone and add telephone eq (copy paste eq).
By also using the sends you can morph from one reverb or room simulation to the other.

A big drawback of Nuendo is the channelbased stuff, for every little thing you need another channel. Not with segment based eq and sends.

The DAR didn’t need to render any of this, all realtime!!! We sure have the power now to do this!!

Another great thing is that segments back to back switch eq instantly! (no automation trouble or rendering)

We look ahead to a great future!

Frank Koppelmans

The future is an object absed DAW instead of a track based DAW.
Or maybe a combiantion of both?


Isn’t that using automation?

Hi sonofnothing,

it is not using automation at all, that is the fun part. But you can still use the automation for all the other things you are used to. If you set eq on a channel that is not using automation.
What you can do segment based, would need two channels or more in Nuendo now.
A roomtone can be used on one track for many many rooms (just a slidely different level, eq and reverb on every segment).
Having a dancing music sound on the dancefloor could morf into the music sound in the toilet over a period of 30 seconds, including the room changing in reverb over sends. 30 seconds being the time it takes to walk there. All on one channel, no automation.

I say both: segment or object based and channel based!

cool thing +1 ! Really would love to see that

So if I understand correctly it would be like applying an offline-process to an event/clip, but instead of it being rendered as an actual audio file it lives “with” the clip and is rendered realtime?

Interesting. I can see the uses in that I suppose.

I’ll give it a +1.

We’ve been here before…
Clip based EQ is about the only thing I miss from the old Fairlight days.

We are not that far off I think. You can apply eq to a clip by ctrl+click and choose plugins>eq.
You can preview the eq and is you like it you can apply it but then it renders it (rendering should be left out, we should have power enough to do it realtime).
Also by rendering it, the eq is restricted to the clip, there are no handles, so crossfading is no option (no eq in the crossfade). So realtime eq and in the handles! Then if we could add some sends to this… segment. check at 14:45!

See the “more” button in Nuendo when processing audio?
Click it and extend the processing range to get handles.

it’s a long time request feature for cubase ( i think long time no one requested it though, they gave up :wink: )
in samplitude they have it for years and years, studio one also has that.(not sure about send )
nowadays computers are very powerful and cubendo users can benefit from this feature as well !!

Edit: actually when i think of it,even wavelab has a clip based Fx inserts similar to the other daws i mentioned.