Segment / Clip time markers

We need to be able to see the timings on individual clips. For instance, if I have a clip on track 3, I need to quickly be able to go 3 minutes and 15 seconds into that clip to make an edit, irregardless of the master project time ruler. A few ways that would be useful would be:

-Adding a second ruler track that allows you to easily set that start (00:00) at any place you need, such as at current cursor position.
-When a clip is selected, having the overview display “current time” as you scroll through it. It already has start, end, length, etc. One more bit of info would help.

I’m currently hi-lighting the clip and setting in/out markers, then manually punching in the “out” time and going there. It’s okay, but time consuming when I’m doing multiple inserts for audiobooks.

I also like to add the request to add a marker to a specific position in individual clips. I know there is the function “regions” in the sample editor, but that’s a feature from the past which needs an overhaul in order to work faster and to don’t have to leave the project window.

I must say that I appreciate the fact that quite some new and junior members add very thoughtful and constructive feature-requests here recently.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Ha ha, I’m a junior member? I guess so, but I’ve been a pro user since v 1.5. Still one of the best editors out there and SB is way more responsive than the giant.